Toenails changing colour

January 2016 – Surrey Podiatrist:

One of the most common foot problems I see in my office on a daily basis is that of toenail discolouration. Some nails can become yellow, some may turn grey or blue and few may even turn black. Naturally changes in toenail appearance can be startling and are a good reason to seek the help of a Podiatrist.

Initially, our gut instinct is to search the internet for what possibly may be going on with our feet. Many people become concerned that they have a fungus growing under their nail but this is not always the case. Other causes behind toenail discolouration can include trauma, immune conditions, poor hygiene, and chemical imbalances in our body. There are a variety of causes behind nail discolouration, so it can be confusing to diagnose yourself.

In scenarios where the nail colour changes are associated with pain, drainage, or swelling, it is of higher importance to seek the help of your foot doctor immediately as their may be a more serious problem. This is especially the case in individuals who are suffering from poor circulation or diabetes.